Mohawk Flight Centre is currently located in the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport's newly renovated Business Centre. In addition to offices, Mohawk Flight Centre has a small Simulator Room, a lounge, a flight planning station, and classroom facilities.

In the lounge you will find a display of charts, books, study materials, and a range of pilot supplies for sale.

Students have access to the Business Centre as well, which comes with wireless Internet and a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy a home cooked meal at Wing’s Airport Café.

Some of MFC’s aircraft are parked right outside the door of the student lounge, while others are stored in the maintenance hangar across the ramp. Mohawk Flight Centre is fortunate to have a hard working and highly skilled maintenance staff to ensure that our fleet is in peak performance condition at all times. These guys are a friendly bunch, happy to answer questions and share information.

Mohawk Flight Centre has plans to expand to a larger office facility in the future. Keep checking for updates!


Mohawk Flight Centre is planning to offer full-time students high quality, affordable housing on-site. Why extend your training over years? Live comfortably on site and enjoy more access to the aircraft and take advantage of good weather days or partial days!

Keep checking for updates!